This psychological abstract image test will reveal your true self

Take this short test to find out what type of personality you really have by interpreting these images.

Remember: Choose your answers without thinking too much.

Bonus: What Is Depicted Here?


Your answer can tell what you are good at (This psychological problem was developed at Harvard):

  • A Hen: If you see a hen it means that it’s easy for you to concentrate on small details. You are very observant and you are a techie.
  • A Woman With Red Lips: If you see a silhouette of a woman with red lips it means that you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for a long time and you’re a creative person.
  • A Face Of A Strange Man: And only geniuses notice a face of a strange man. This can be seen only by those who turned the picture upside down (flip the card to find out how the picture looks in this case).

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